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Accessories and Safety

Door Accessories

We offer a full range of optional door accessories, from additional security items to various operational choices.

If you are unsure of what accessories are best for you, please call us for professional advice.

Modes of Operation


door accessories
door accessories

Push Up / Pull Down  ♦

 ♦ Haul Chain

door accessories



Electric doors are self locking via the motor.  Additional manual locks can be installed but a safety interlock switch will have to be installed with them.

door accessories    door accessories    door accessories

240v Motor                                     ♦ Motor Cover Box                         ♦ 3 Phase Standard Motor

 Activation Devices (Examples)

 door accessories    door accessories    door accessories    door accessories

♦ Push Buttons    ♦ Rocker Switch                    ♦ Vehicle Transmitter   ♦ Key Switch

door accessories    door accessories    door accessories

♦ Remote Control                     ♦ Motion Sensor                                   ♦ Proximity Reader

door accessories    door accessories   door accessories

♦ Control Panel                  ♦ Control Panel Box             ♦ Key Switch Box

♦ Floor Loop Activation

Canopy Boxes

Protect the barrel and working parts

 door accessories         shutter-canopy-powder-coated-a1a

Locks (Door Accessories)

new-pin-lock  ♦ Pin Lock  door accessories   door accessories


 Ground Lock ♦


door accessories     interlock-note

Prevention of Draughts and Water Ingress

Brush Strip is designed to help prevent door vibration and draughts.

door accessories

♦ Brush Strip  Door Accessories

Door Accessories






Rubber Seal ♦

Rubber Seal is designed to help prevent water ingress.

 Wicket Gates

Door AccessoriesWicket Gates provide a more convenient method of entering your building without having to raise your roller shutter or sectional door.

Door Accessories


Door Accessories





When installing a wicket gate on an electrically operated door, a Safety Interlock Switch will be required. Please refer to our Safety page for more details.


Door Safety

Your personal safety is our first priority.  See how you can ensure your door is as safe as possible to use by clicking on our Door Safety Systems page for more information .


Most of our industrial doors come with a galvanised finish.  However, colour finishes are available in either plastisol, powder coat or painted finish.

These are example colours.  A full range of RAL colours can be found at

Door Accessories

We are a member of the Door and Hardware Federation, a leading trade association for the UK's industrial and commercial door and shutter industry, if you wish to know more about the benefits of purchasing from a DHF Member please visit their website at:

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